Vyntus® CPX Metabolic Cart ارگو اسپیرومتر





Excels in powerful CPET diagnostics and prognostic value



The versatile JAEGER® Vyntus® CPX is an accurate and reliable system that allows the determination of a subject's metabolic response. It can measure both children and adults, from patients to athletes; collecting full breath-by-breath data. The main measured/calculated parameters are: V'O2, V'CO2, RER, V'O2/kg, V'E, BF, VTex, EqO2, EqCO2, BR FEV%, PETO2, PETCO2, REE, FAT, CHO, PROT and many more.


Through the SentrySuite® platform Vyntus CPX can be integrated with the 12 lead Vyntus® ECG leveraging your investment







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Built on trusted technology

Continues the high-end sensor technology of its predecessors; JAEGER Oxycon Pro and SensorMedics® Vmax™ Encore

















CPET diagnostics easy to learn, fast to perform

Automated test procedure with indicators for upcoming events, and adjustable test evaluation workflow.

















Smart tools that reduce time-to-result

Fully automatic calibration of volume sensor and gas analyser as well as "plug-and-play" exchange of the O2 analyser for efficient operation and minimised downtime.















Powerful combo

Via secure Bluetooth® communication the compact Vyntus ECG conveniently integrates with Vyntus CPX.












تست ورزش قلبی ریوی CPET
تست ورزش قلبی ریوی CPET
تست ورزش قلبی ریوی CPET
تست ورزش قلبی ریوی CPET

Extensive evaluation possibilities for your needs

 Provides many evaluation and adjustment possibilities from beginners to experts including Slopes, Thresholds (VT1, VT2 and VT3), Ranges, EFVL and RPE.


Tools for your interpretation

 Helps to interpret the test with automated individual text macros for commenting, PC interpretation, classification bar and possible limitation graph.  View more...


Spirometry at rest and during exercise

 Slow/Forced Spirometry and MVV come as standard, and are used for calculation and assessment of VEmax, Breathing Reserve and Exercise Flow Volume Loops (EFVL).  View more...


Measure metabolic rate

 Comes standard with Indirect Calorimetry (REE, FAT) assessment to assess energy needs and optimise nutrition therapy.

Indirect Calorimetry with Canopy is available as an option with thoughtful hygiene concept.


More cardiac solutions of your choice

Interfaces with Polar WearLink®, Tango blood pressure unit and many 3rd party 12-lead-ECGs including GE CardioSoft for a broad utilization; Sports Medicine, Rehabilitation, Pulmonology and Cardiology.


Integrated SpO2

 Offers an built-in SpO2 unit with a wide choice of different sensors or interfaces with stand-alone SpO2 devices.


Modalities that match your needs

 Configures as a compact tabletop or as a mobile cart workstation.


High Oxygen environments

 All safety concepts are laid out for secure measurements even with high FIO2.


Quality that is under your control

 Ensures high system availability and reliability. The analysers monitor their usage and trigger pre-emptive replacement.


Flexible Reporting

Provides you with flexible program "Report Designer" to set-up your individual reports in different formats.


State-of-the-art database architecture

 Utilises the trusted Microsoft® SQL Server® security technology.


Getting the complete picture

 SentrySuite software interfaces your Vyntus CPX and your other Vyntus, JAEGER, Vmax and Micro Medical devices with your HIS or practice information system.


Research your data

 Offers flexibility to researchers. The database can be accessed through commonly used statistical analysis programs or just push a button for exporting your measurement into Excel




X=Standard feature 
O=Optional feature
Vyntus CPX supports all of the essential CPET applications
Breath-by-Breath CardioPulmonary Exercise Testing X
Spirometry, incl: FVC, SVC, MVV and Pre/Post testing X
Exercise Flow Volume Loops (EFVL) X
Entry of RPE scale, BP, blood gases and comments during the test X
Setting blood gas markers for entry after the test X
Threshold determinations X
Slope calculations X
Editable ranges for rest, warm-up, peak and recovery evaluation X
Evaluation workflow and interpretation support X
Indirect Calorimetry with mask/mouthpiece (REE, EE, FAT, etc.) X
Indirect Calorimetry with canopy (REE, EE, FAT, etc.)  O
High/Low FIO2 O
Automatic control of bike / treadmill / BP with versatile protocol editor X
Tabletop configuration X
Cart configuration O
PC configuration: desktop or notebook X
Hardware options
Treadmills in various sizes and specifications O
Cycle ergometers in various models with / without integrated BP monitor O
Vyntus ECG O
GE CardioSoft CAM USB 12-Lead ECG with / without KISS suction unit O
Tango Blood Pressure Monitor O
SpO2 via Vyntus CPX O
Software options
Review Program for post-measurement assessment X
Report Designer for creating customized reports X
Predicted Editor for creating predicted sets and authors X
Profile Editor for creating customized exercise protocols X
Reports in different formats (PDF, TIFF, JPEG, RTF) X
Polar WearLink® interface X
Blood pressure monitor interface (Tango® series) X
SpO2 monitor interface (compatible with various brands and types) X
ECG interface (compatible with various brands and types) O
Blood Gas analyser interface O
Security / User management O
Patient Data Management O
SQL DB Interface for queries O
Bronchial Challenge Testing O
Workflow applications
Questionnaire Designer O
Tablet Questionnaires O
Networking with Report stations for review and interpretation O
Web-based review and interpretation through Sentry.NET O
EMR, CIS and HIS data integration through SentryConnect O
GDT Interface X
Ergospirometry (physiological) Measurement range Accuracy
VENTILATION (V'E) 0 to 300 L/min 2% or 0.5 L/min
O2 UPTAKE (V'O2) 0 to 7 L/min 3% or 0.05 L/min
CO2 Production (V'CO2) 0 to 7 L/min 3% or 0.05 L/min
RER 0.6 to 2.0 4% or 0.04
Volume sensor (physiological measurement) Measurement range Accuracy
VOLUME 0 to 10 L 2% or 50 mL 
FLOW 0 to 15 L/s 3% or 70 mL/s 
RESISTANCE: < 0.1 kPa/L/s at 15 L/s
O2 ANALYSER Type: Fully digital, high speed analyser, based on electrochemical principle
  Measurement range: 0 to 100 Vol%
  Accuracy: 0.05 Vol% or 0.2%
  Resolution: 0.01 Vol%
  Typ. Rise Time (T10-90)* 75 ms
  Operating life: Typical 2 years
* Rise time after digital filtering. During every gas calibration the filter coefficients are specifically optimized for the sensors.
CO2 ANALYZER Type: Fully digital, high speed 
analyser based on principle of infrared absorption
  Range: 0 to 15 Vol%
  Accuracy: 0.05 Vol% or 1%
  Resolution: 0.01 Vol%
  Typ. Rise Time (T10-90)*  

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