MicroRPM Respiratory Muscle Testing




Hand-held portable respiratory pressure meter


The MicroRPM (Respiratory Pressure Meter) can measure inspiratory and expiratory mouth pressures (MIP/MEP) and Sniff Nasal Pressures (SNIP) in one instrument. These noninvasive measurements of respiratory muscle strength are invaluable in monitoring patients with COPD, or those suffering neurological or muscular diseases that will affect the function of respiratory muscles.



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  •     Measures both mouth and nasal pressure measurements.
  •     MicroRPM has a clear digital display and uses the latest pressure sensing technology.
  •     Results are immediately displayed in cmH20.
  •     Small portable and lightweight.
  •     The MicroRPM will also connect to PUMA software allowing a choice of predicted values, trending of results, incentive screens and a full database of patient details (PLEASE NOTE: for PC connectivity an RS232 cable will need to be purchased separately).
  •     Supplied complete with all accessories in a sturdy carry case.


Measurements:  Maximum expiratory pressure (MEP)

Sniff nasal inspiratory pressure (SNIP)

Maximum inspiratory pressure (MIP)

Operating pressure:  ±300 cmH2O (±5 PSID)

Burst pressure:  ±700 cmH2O (±20 PSID)

Resolution:  1 cmH2O

Accuracy:  ±3%

Power supply:  Single 9V PP3

Dimensions:  170 x 60 x 26 mm

Weight:  180 gm

Operating temperature:  15°C –25 °C

Hydrogen cross sensitivity:  < 15%

Operating humidity:  30% –90% RH

Storage and transport temperature:  -20°C – +70 °C

Storage and transport humidity:  10% – 90% RH


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   آدرس : تهران- خیابان کریم خان زند- خیابان قائم مقام فراهانی

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    تلفکس : 88835233-021



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